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Is Geothermal Right For You

While we would all love to save money on costly heating and cooling expenses, geothermal systems aren’t always the perfect fit for everyone. There are a number of the reasons why this may be. Of course, it is important that you weigh these considerations against the benefits of such a system, before making a final decision. Consider the following before deciding if geothermal heating and cooling is right for you:

  • Drilling: An essential part of the geothermal system is the ground loop that must be buried in your yard. In order to bury the pipes, holes or trenches will need to be dug and may cause unavoidable damage to your existing landscaping. If this is something that you cannot accept, a geothermal installation may not be right for you.
  • Property size: The size of your yard or property is also important to consider. While size is a major concern for most, geothermal systems can be installed almost anywhere. Remember that vertical system installations allow the contractor to drill down into the earth, rather than out across a large area, making them suitable for smaller areas. Urban properties with limited space may not be a good fit, but Kalkaska Plumbing and Heating Inc. can best help you determine if you have ample space for a geothermal system—don’t just assume your yard is too small!
  • Property attributes: The characteristics of your property should also be kept in mind as you make your decision. Certain types of terrain and soil types may require larger loops. This adds to your installation and equipment costs, which may also require more space or affect the installation type that you choose (vertical vs. horizontal). Additionally, if you are considering a pond or lake loop system, does your property have a sufficient water source or a groundwater source such as a well? These attributes also affect the installation type that you choose. Kalkaska Plumbing and Heating Inc. can help you determine what type of loop would work best on your property.
  • Cost: There is no denying that geothermal system installations are more costly than traditional heating and cooling system installations. Keep in mind that system rebates and tax incentives can help you recoup a portion of your installation costs now. Additionally, you will save significantly on your monthly utility expenses, which will more than recover the money spent on the installation in the long run.