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Repair / Replace Services

The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) unit is essential to the comfort of any home. Our region sees high temperatures in the summer and freezing temperatures in the winter. With this range of weather, it is imperative that the HVAC system is operating at its peak when needed

Scheduling routine preventative maintenance can improve the unit’s efficiency and increase the system’s lifespan. During the system checkup, our service professional will inspect the unit and determine which parts may be causing inefficiencies and whether they or the entire system may need replaced.

Some indicators of problems in an HVAC unit include: age, noises, temperature fluctuation and smells. Obviously, the older the unit, the less efficient it will be. If the system is more than 10 years old, it might be time to consider a replacement.

Contact Kalkaska Plumbing and Heating Inc. if your system is making unusual noises, the system has trouble maintaining temperature or if there are noticeable odors. These can be indicative of a failing HVAC system.

This area experiences dynamic weather changes that can put strain on your HVAC system. With temperatures well into the 80s to 90s in the summer and dropping below zero in the winter, it is imperative to keep your system operating at peak efficiency. The service technicians at Kalkaska Plumbing and Heating Inc. are trained in all aspects of HVAC service, repair and replacement. With our preventive maintenance program, we diagnose problems and offer suggestions to ensure the comfort of your home all year round. From replacing parts to installing a new system, the HVAC professionals at Kalkaska Plumbing and Heating Inc. have been keeping Kalkaska and the surrounding area homeowners comfortable for over two decades. Call us at 231-258-3588 or email to schedule your HVAC system diagnostic checkup.

HVAC Repair or Replacement Services

  • Installation of many makes and models
  • Indoor air quality solutions
  • Energy-efficient duct replacement
  • Humidity control solutions
  • High-efficiency equipment replacement
  • Room-to-room comfort solutions
  • Energy Star-rated equipment and controls
  • Thousands of satisfied customers
  • Accredited Trane Comfort Specialist
  • Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor
  • Free in-home evaluation on equipment replacement
  • No job too big or too small
  • Special care taken to protect your home during installation (shoe covers, dropcloths, etc.)
  • Trained installation technicians, which means we do it right the first time
  • Exclusive installation packages and sealing methods ensure problem-free installations
  • An quality audit check list to ensure your satisfaction
  • Follow-up survey to ensure you receive a first-class installation
  • Manufacturers’ recommendations, code requirements and federal laws are only our minimum standards
  • Providing comfort solutions and customer satisfaction with over 20 years’ combined experience